We are in the verge of unknown and unpredicted future. No one can say exactly what will happen next morning. It may be the trending news on Facebook that world lost more 1000 lives due to COVID-19 and 20000 more infected. Today’s talk of the town is COVID-19.

COVID-19 topdealing.com

COVID-19 stands for Coronavirus Diseases -2019. It is infectious diseases caused by Corona Virus. Respiratory illness is the main symptoms caused by this virus. One can experience fever, flu, cough and sometimes situation like pneumonia. This disease spreads mainly through contact with an infected person. One can protect themselves by washing hands frequently and avoiding touching face.

World Health Organization (WHO) declared this outbreak pandemic after realizing its worst effects on lives, economy and society. Originated in Wuhan, China by December, 2019, this outbreak has grasped the world by storm. There is no sector that remained unaffected by this epidemic. China, Italy, US, UK, Iran and some other countries are on complete shutdown. Some other countries will follow this procedure as soon as the situation arises.

World’s top dealing platform topdealing.com is also shocked by the recent updates on COVID-19. The management of topdealing.com has decided to follow some precautionary procedures in terms of dealing with the outbreak. The team members don’t need to come in office untill the situation overcomes. They can perform their service while staying at home. Here are some precautionary steps that must have to follow by all the citizen of the world.

  • Washing hands frequently

  • Maintaining social distances

  • Avoiding touching eyes, mouth and nose

  • Practicing respiratory hygiene

  • Seeking medical care immediately if you have fever, cough and breathing difficulty

Every life is important for us. Every customer or client is our more priority. Stay safe at home and pray for rapid recover from this outbreak. Wish to God for saving the planet from the disaster.